Tona-Gura (OST)


Tona-Gura! (となグラ!) is the title of a fictional Japanese comedy/romance story created by Hidetaka Kakei centering around four childhood friends and the romantic relationship between two of them.

Tona-Gura! originally began as a manga series and was released on December 7, 2004. The anime is based on this manga and was released July 8, 2006.


A childhood friend, Yuuji, is coming home after a 10-year absence and Kazuki is eager to meet him again, hoping that he has become a handsome, romantic boy. But it seems to her that he has become a lecherous teenager. In spite of her disappointment, she begins to realize that despite Yuuji's lewd (ecchi) ways, he values their long friendship. Kazuki's kind older sister, Hatsune, tries to help their relationship along. Meanwhile, Yuuji’s little sister, Marie, punishes his lustful outbursts by shooting him with a painful, but non-lethal, automatic air rifle.